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Dental crowns are created from durable dental materials and cemented into place with a very strong dental adhesive. This gives them the same strength you appreciate from your natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are sometimes when a blow to the face or other forms of dental trauma can chip or fracture a dental crown. This is even more likely to be an issue if you grind your teeth while sleeping, or you have a bad habit of nibbling on pencils and pens.

When a dental crown is damaged, you need to seek timely treatment from a dentist like Dr. James D. Schuette. The longer you delay the greater the risk is that you will suffering significant complications. If the dental crown was damaged but the internal abutment is still healthy and strong Dr. James D. Schuette might be able to fit you for a new dental crown. This will require another impression and preparation at a dental lab.

If the dental crown’s adhesive was compromised from bacterial complications related to untreated gum disease there should be some overt signs. In a situation like this the abutment will be sticking out from your gums and the crown itself should be completely hollow. In some of these cases, Dr. James D. Schuette might be able to simply clean the dental crown and abutment before cementing it back in place.

If the abutment inside the dental crown fractured near them gumline you should see some or all of it inside the dental crown. To treat a tooth in this condition Dr. James D. Schuette will likely need to perform a root canal. This will rebuild enough structure to secure a new dental crown.

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