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As strange as it might sound, there are actually a fair number of things that can cause a chip in one or more of your teeth. While a blow to the face during sports, is an obvious possibility, it’s just as likely that you could chip one of your teeth by grinding your teeth at night or using your teeth as tools.

When a tooth is chipped, the damage is often limited to the tooth enamel. Even if it doesn’t cause you any immediate pain, the compromised enamel might come to foster a new area of tooth decay.

This is why James D. Schuette. DDS.’s dentists will often recommend replacing the entirety of the tooth enamel with a crown made from porcelain, gold or base metal alloy.

The process begins with your dentist examining the tooth and taking some X-rays to make sure the tooth is healthy and structurally sound.

The dentist will then remove all of the tooth enamel leaving behind an abutment. This little post-like structure made from the core of your tooth, will eventually serve to anchor the crown in place.

A detailed impression will be cast of the abutment and any other related teeth. The abutment is covered by a temporary crown and the impression is sent off to our dental lab, where your crown is made.

When your crown is ready will call you back in for a brief follow up appointment. The temporary crown is removed and your new permanent crown is cemented onto the abutment.

If you have a chipped tooth, you should call James D. Schuette. DDS.’s clinic in Lee’s Summit, Missouri at 816-554-7656 to have it repaired or restored.