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The crucial nature of maintaining good dental hygiene cannot be over-valued. Dr. Schuette and his staff enthusiastically encourage you to establish a consistent daily oral hygiene routine and to visit us for your regularly scheduled exams and cleanings.

Brush your teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each brushing session. We recommend using soft-bristled toothbrushes, and be sure that your toothpaste has fluoride. It’s equally important to floss once every day, preferably at nighttime.

Some people think that brushing alone is good enough for cleaning teeth, but even if you’re an exceptionally talented tooth-brusher, you’ll still fail to clean about 40 percent of the surface area of your teeth if you choose not to floss!

The most difficult challenge when being mindful of your oral hygiene is trying to eat a balanced diet. You can help to prevent tooth decay by limiting your intake of sugary and acidic food and drinks, but this is extremely difficult for many people.

Dr. Schuette and his staff can definitely help our patients get through dental emergencies, but we prefer to help you maintain excellent oral health so you can enjoy a better quality of life. Come and see us so we can assess your oral health. Call 816-554-7656 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you have great dental hygiene!