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To improve your oral health, there are numerous treatments available to keep your smile safe. Not only are cosmetic dentistry treatments often used for enhancing the look of your smile, but some of them can also provide additional protection. If you have suffered minor damage to your teeth and gums, an effective restoration treatment in the form of dental bonding may be used to help improve your oral health.

Protecting your teeth includes implementing the necessary oral health care treatments and procedures whenever possible. If you have suffered any form of oral accident or injury, it is important to have the necessary tooth restorations done to return your smile to its natural functional state. Speak with the dentist about a dental bonding treatment if tooth damage has occurred. Dental bonds are extremely effective for situations in which cracks and chips have occurred to your teeth, or stains in discolorations are present.

If you have severe tooth decay, or a cavity is present, a dental amalgam filling may often be needed. However, it can leave a metallic shine in its place. Because bonds are tooth-colored in appearance, composite resins can be crafted for them to fill in cavities and provide your smile with a cosmetically superior tooth restoration that will naturally blend in seamlessly with the color of your teeth. In addition, dental bonds are extremely durable and can easily last up to ten years before they may need to be replaced. They’re also effective at protecting your teeth if gum recession has occurred and has exposed underlying areas of a tooth.

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