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A complete set of dentures fashioned at Dr. James D. Schuette’s clinic is designed to match the underlying structure off your gums. The process will provide the removable dental appliance with a naturally firm fit. However, many denture wearers prize denture adhesive for its ability to lock dentures in place while also helping to block food particles from invading the base.

As the day goes on the natural motion of chewing might weaken the denture adhesive bond. This might allow some stray food material to infiltrate the base. If it’s not rinsed away in short order, the food particles could irritate your gums and cause your dentures to feel increasingly loose.

When rinsing your dentures, be sure to also remove any old denture adhesive. Then you should use a clean paper towel to dry the base. This will provide you with a clean surface to reapply a fresh bead denture adhesive.

When shopping for denture adhesive make sure to look for a brand that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The small logo on the package indicates that the ADA has tested the product for safe and effective oral use.

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