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Dentures are just for old people, right? We’ve all seen those cartoons where kids visit their grandparents and see the teeth floating in a jar of water next to their bed. It’s a bit scary – and gross.

The truth is, though, that dentures aren’t just for older people. They’re a legitimate tooth replacement option for many people. Let’s look at why that is.

Partial dentures
Partial dentures, more commonly known as partials, are great for restoring missing teeth. If you’re missing teeth in a row on one side of your mouth and don’t want a bridge, or don’t have the gum or jaw health to support one, then a partial denture is your best bet.

Help people with poor oral health
If your tooth loss was due to any form of gum disease, an abscess, or other infection, then it’s likely that your oral health isn’t in the best shape. If that’s the case, then the option of implants, crowns, or bridges just aren’t going to work. All of those solutions require more oral health than most people with lost teeth have.

They’re not uncomfortable
While it definitely takes some getting used to, dentures aren’t as uncomfortable as they’re made out to be. Between denture cream and time, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively get used to your new teeth.

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