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If you would like a tooth restoration treatment to dramatically enhance the look of your smile, a highly effective option to consider is a dental crown. Dental crowns are extremely effective because not only do they protect teeth from damage, but they can be used to treat broken and damaged teeth by concealing them on all sides down to the gum line. In addition, dental crowns can be customized for the look and shape you desire.

If you have a situation where previous tooth restorations are in place, such as a dental implant, bridge, or root canals, you may require an additional layer of protection. To help protect the prosthetic or restoration, a dental crown can be placed over the top of the previous treatment and provide an added level of support. Dental crowns are extremely effective because they can completely conceal damaged teeth or anything else that needs to be concealed. Furthermore, they can even be used on severely damaged teeth that cannot be fixed with other tooth restorations and are scheduled for extractions.

In some situations, dental crowns can bind together bits of broken teeth. Dental crowns are highly durable and can often last numerous decades before they may need to be repaired or replaced. It’s some situations they can last a lifetime of wear. In addition, dental crowns can even be used to hold fillings and teeth in place if not up tooth remains to hold the filling on its own.

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