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If your kids’ regularly scheduled dental appointments arrive, are they met with screaming, whining and chorus of “I don’t want to go!” when you announce it’s time to go to the office at James D. Schuette. DDS., you’re not alone as a parent.

Kids not liking the dentist is a very common issue parents face, but luckily we have a few tips to help you minimize the bad feelings your children may have about the dentist and get them excited about going.

Start them young
Starting your children out on dental visits when they’re young is perhaps the most important – and effective – way to make them love the dentist. Taking them at the age of one, or when their first tooth erupts (whichever occurs first) is a surefire way to make kids love going to the dentist. By going early in life, it makes dental visits with Dr. James D. Schuette seem normal, acceptable, and by the time they’re old enough to understand oral health, even fun.

Don’t talk about it hurting
It’s also important to not talk about dental procedures as painful or possible “hurting.” These words can have a big impact on the psyche of your kids, and cause them to severely oppose dental visits. Instead, focus on the positives of dental visits and your kids will soon begin to look forward to them.

Getting kids to enjoy – and even love – dental visits isn’t impossible. It just takes the right kind of work on the part of parents, and the knowledge that you’re not alone in the fight to get kids to enjoy dental cleanings.

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