Dr. James D. Schuette and our dental team believe that proper nutrition is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, as well as your total body. We recommend that you maintain a healthy, balanced diet to keep your smile healthy and to maintain good overall well-being. Our dentist may also recommend other options and supplements to help you stay in good oral and overall health. One of the supplements we may recommend is a new health aid called ExFuze Seven+™. ExFuze Seven+ is a multi-botanical supplement that contains seven of the world’s most legendary botanical extracts: acai, fucoidan, goji, gac, sea-buckthorn, mangosteen, and noni. This combination also includes the “chaperone molecule,” which may help to carry a higher percentage of vital nutrients to the desired parts of the body. All of these are combined with five other powerful ingredients that are known for numerous health-enhancing properties. These include pomegranate, grape seed extract, concord grapes, wild blueberries, and aloe vera.

ExFuze Seven+ helps you maintain overall health and wholeness. By drinking a small amount of ExFuze Seven+ every day, you can give your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself. ExFuze Seven+ can even help you sleep better, which helps your body recover. To learn more about ExFuze Seven+ and other supplements for nutrition in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, please call us today.