Our caring dentist strives to provide the most conservative treatment possible to keep your smile healthy and happy. In some cases, however, oral surgery may be the best available option for improving the health and function of your smile. The most common type of oral surgery we provide at Dr. James D. Schuette’s office is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction, or tooth removal, may be needed if no other treatment can effectively restore the tooth. We may suggest tooth extraction if a tooth is so severely damaged, decayed, or infected that we cannot save the tooth with a filling, crown, root canal therapy, or other kind of restoration or treatment. In addition, we may recommend tooth extraction if there are too many teeth to properly fit in your smile. Following your tooth extraction, we will provide you with cosmetic and restorative options for replacing the tooth and restoring your complete smile. We are also happy to create and place a crown on your new dental implant that will blend in with your new smile and restore its function.

We also offer other types of oral surgery in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, to accommodate your personal dental needs. We invite you to contact our dental practice today to learn more about tooth extractions. We are committed to improving your dental health.