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The occlusal, or biting, surfaces of your teeth are designed to bite, chew, and grind the foods you eat. Molars and premolars often have deep textures in the tooth enamel to make them more efficient at processing foods to reduce your chances of choking when swallowing.

Should residual food matter become stuck on the deep pits and fissures, it could come to foster a cavity. While a thorough dental cleaning at James D. Schuette. DDS. will certainly clean the deep textures, you might still need some form of long-term, daily prevention.

One easy way to prevent cavities is to have Dr. James D. Schuette apply dental sealants to the teeth.

This can be done at the end of your regular dental exam. Dr. James D. Schuette will carefully paint a special dental resin onto all the contours along the biting surfaces of your molars and premolars. Then, he will use an ultraviolet light to cure the sealants and bond them firmly onto the tooth enamel.

The protective barrier created by the dental sealants will protect the underlying tooth enamel from bacterial exposure for many years.

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