Are your teeth crooked, gapped, or crowded? Would you like to straighten your teeth without wearing bulky metal braces? With ClearCorrect™, you can! ClearCorrect is a clear braces system that allows you to achieve your ideal smile without the use of traditional braces. ClearCorrect works through a system of custom-made plastic aligners. You will receive a series of aligner sets that you will switch every few weeks. As you switch your aligners, your teeth will be gently guided closer and closer to their proper positions until you have reached the correct alignment. Each aligner is made of smooth, clear plastic, which means that your ClearCorrect aligners are both comfortable and nearly invisible. No one will be able to tell when you are wearing your aligners! ClearCorrect clear braces are also removable, so you can continue to floss and brush your teeth as normal during orthodontic treatment. You can remove your aligners to eat as well, meaning you will not need to avoid foods that could damage braces.

Our caring dentist, Dr. James D. Schuette, has received special training to provide ClearCorrect orthodontics, and he will help you determine whether ClearCorrect is right for your smile. To learn more and to schedule your consultation for ClearCorrect clear braces in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, please call or visit us today.