Utilizing an intraoral camera gives both you and us the opportunity to see potential problems occurring in your mouth, such as decay or fractured teeth. Often a tooth will not start bothering you until there is significant loss of tooth structure. With the help of the intraoral camera, problems can be detected earlier, before you experience a toothache.

Intraoral cameras are small, pen-like devices that can be easily maneuvered within your mouth. The images captured by this device are immediately shown on a nearby monitor, where both you and our dentist can easily view them. This enables our dentist to make quick and accurate diagnoses of tooth decay and other problems in your mouth.

If you are diagnosed with tooth decay, our dentist will use an advanced dental laser to remove the decayed portions of the tooth and repair it. Laser dentistry enables us to remove damaged tooth tissue quickly and easily, and without causing any additional damage to your surrounding oral structures. The laser also sterilizes the area so that the filling can be placed, shaped and hardened just as quickly and comfortably.

Dr. James D. Schuette and his team are committed to providing you with effective and comfortable care that promotes your oral health. To schedule an appointment and learn more about laser treatments for tooth decay and dental fillings, please contact our office today at 816-554-7656.